A Little Bit About Us


If you're the type of person who thinks “I hate getting my picture taking” or “I just want to have fun on my wedding day” Then we are the perfect photography team for you!

Our goal is to capture as many authentic and candid shots as possible. We strive to make sure you are feeling comfortable and having fun at all times. To achieve this we hardly ever ask you pose, and if we do it will be super simple and fun. Instead of posing you, we like to give you fun actions or prompts of things to do together that will be guaranteed to get some great moment. We like to think of ourselves as magicians sneakily capturing wonderful memories without you even noticing.


There are always two of us! We shoot together as a team to make sure to cover your wedding from all angles. We have developed a flawless system to make sure that your big day goes off without a hitch. We take a divide and conquer approach, which allows us to make the formal photos go much quicker, giving you more time to enjoy your day. With the two of us there we will be capturing all of the fleeting moments in the beautiful chaos that is your wedding day.


One of our signature style photos is an epic night shot. We make a point at every wedding to create this fine art photography for you. These surprisingly only take 3 to 5 mins to shoot so we won't have to steal you from the dance floor for very long. After we nail this shot we will probably join you on the dance floor too!   

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